Where's Wally

Where's Wally's style is undeniably iconic, although not usually that coveted. Wally (or Waldo if you're an American) was the pioneer in geek chic, with his football-fan meets French tourist look, complete with horn-rimmed glasses and bobble hat.

Recently I have seen quite a few people inspired by his colour choices, at first I thought it was just one very odd-dressing arty type, but apparently Wally chic transcends all fashion classes when it comes to his socks. Now you can't actually see them in his original outfit, but I'm almost sure that he wears something resembling the above under his jeans.

I have observed quite a few young men wearing them over the past few weeks (And none of them were going to football practice as far as I could see). As they are available at American Apparel for £8 it stands to reason that if they say its ok to wear them, then how can anybody say otherwise? Who says that knee-high socks with shorts is only for girls?

Well actually I'd hazard quite a few people... but three cheers for bizarrely inspired fashion.

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