Life's a beach

I don't want to be one of those boring people who go on and on about how amazing and culturally enriching their holidays are, luckily then that my recent trip was to the wonderful Brits abroad city of Alicante. This really is a completely separate point however.

The one simple piece of learning that I wanted to pass on is this:

Despite the exercising and dieting and fretting, the frantic bikini shopping, last minute daily tanning and excessive consumption of green tea... the moment you get on the sand wearing the same old bikini you always do, none of it matters anymore. So my belly is a belly not a washboard, my boobs aren't mountains and my hips are bigger than they should be... so what? I'm in the sun and along with the truly intoxicating smell of my factor 30 I'm happy.

This is what it comes down to at the end of the day. You will always be bigger than some and smaller than others.

Instead of thinking about the wobbling tummy instead I turned my attention to crazy tanned Germans in thongs (a man!) and people taking a dip actually wearing their underwear (seriously see-through) and countless other weird and wonderful things.... and not once did I regret having eaten that fish finger sandwich before I left.

Now that I'm home however, all the old insecurities are back, they are an inevitable part of who I am but at least now I can see that half the battle is in my head... the other half? Most probably needs to get back on the cross trainer.


Florence chic

Yesterday I went to see Florence live at Hammersmith, so I thought I'd make a little Florence inspired tableaux... I totally wore flowered tights and plastic flowers in my hair. Love It.


If you had to...

Seeing as my blog doesn't really touch on the political very often (read: ever) I thought that I'd extend a fun office game to my blog. The rules are fairly simple: if you had to, which of our country's top political leaders would you take back to your castle/bedroom/duck house (delete as appropriate) ?

'Down with the kids' David?

Nick 'Number 2' Clegg?

Or David 'pick me' Miliband?

I know who gets my vote (tee hee) who gets yours?

And people say politics isn't sexy....


Rainbow nails

In my attempt to start at awesome new trend, I've been painting my nails in a rainbow of colours recently. Above is my latest go... a trend worth following if I ever saw one...

C'mon, you know you want to.

Topshop gives good face

OMG's all round... So I'm a week late off the mark but I thought I'd inform everyone just how much I LOVE Topshop's new makeup range. Last Thursday lunchtime about eight fellow fashionistas and I ventured to our closest branch of the holy fashion store to sample the sacred goods. We weren't disappointed. Featuring a range of glitter-filled, rainbow-bright, deliciously gooey concoctions and a nail varnish collection that makes Barry M look gaudy and brash (sorry Barry!) I had to set myself a budget.

So after working my way through the green glitter eye crayon and trying nearly every shade of the mint flavoured lip glosses, including orange which in conjunction with the green eyeliner = not so good, I finally decided on my £15 worth of purchases. A black glitter eye crayon, coral nail varnish and 'Hollywood' pink lipgloss later, and £1 over budget its all I'm going to be able to do not to go back again in a few days for my next hit.

Prices start at a teeny weeny £4 and I have it on good authority that they are being made by the wonderful fairies at the MAC factory (oh yes!) these are well worth the money.
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