Don't forget your pants...

It seems that the visual merchandisers at Topman have taken low-rise jeans to a whole new level...


Sorry for the tiny fuzzy photo, but a friend of mine sent this to me the other day and I just had to share it with the world. I'm so excited that I can barely contain my glee! Will Santa be dressed up in a twinset and pearls? Will there be elves in heart-printed platform heels sporting cool slogan tees? There isn't much information provided, but a quick internet search has informed me that not only will she be decorating the windows (eee!) but there will also be all manner of kitsch gifts to buy for oneself - the loved ones may get a look in if they're lucky.


Couldn't say it any better myself...

Asish SS10

I found them!

Unfortunately however, they are on the H&M online shop for Germany and they don't ship to these distant shores. It's definitely fantastic news that they are going to set up an online store at some point in 2010, but what is a girl to do now?


H&M makes shoes worth wearing (and they're not even Jimmy Choo)

Imagine, if you will, these gorgeous suede ankle boots in black and you'll begin to understand why i'm so excited. Not that they aren't lovely in grey, but in black they could well rival any other highstreet attempt at copy the oh-so-sought-after suede platform ankle boots that all the coolest fashionistas are sporting this season. Real suede and with a heel that doesn't make my head spin, I could only stare open mouthed when I realised that they will only set me back £50. Obviously they didn't have them in my tiny size 3, but I foresee a mad dash around various H&Ms throughout the capital in search of them!

The boy does rainy day dressing

God bless The Boy and his amazing ability to pick out all things cute and quirky. Usually this is for me, however on Saturday he managed to find a little number for himself. After looking through the gorgeous offerings for 'grown ups' at Reiss (which he also loved) he found something ten times cooler and much more youthful (and seasonal).

Here he is modelling the wonderfully visual 'brollies' jumper by The Youth Firm. One of the many new boutique designers now taking up residence on the newly created Topman second floor (5th floor if you count the rest of the Oxford Circus store).

He was torn between this, and the equally adorable frogs jumper (below - taken from Topman website).
It isn't to everybody's taste by all means and I'm not sure that many Topman junkies will be forking out £45 for a simple knitted sweater instead of the usual ball-squeezing skinnies and rosary beads... it takes a man with real cojones to pull this off and this boy certianly isn't lacking in those.


Cheryl makes it official...

Leading the fashion pack this winter, Alexander Wang, DSquared and Miu Miu proved that thanks to their SS10 collections the big messy side plait is going to be the super hot hair to copy this season. As if seeing it sashay down the catwalks wasn't enough to have you figuring out how to grow mermaid hair, Cheryl Cole has gone and brought it to the public arena on the first X Factor show of the season. Requiring much more hair than the average girl can ever hope to sprout in a lifetime, its a tricky trend that may take some creative hairdressing.

Time to invest in some extra tresses...


Perfect pink

I've recently developed something of an obsession with Barry M nail varnishes. So far I have amassed a grand total of four, but I am fairly sure that an obsession has been born. Whenever I wear any of their super bright eye catching colours people always ask where they're from. At under £3 a bottle I'm proud to display my very 'highstreet' cosmetic choice.

So whilst perusing the shelves in Superdrug during my lunch hour I was torn between spring green (yet another one) and flamingo pink. I chose the latter and I'm basking in its awesomeness. Slightly neon with a dash of coral. Girly, cute and almost delicious enough to eat.
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