I Love Lowie pop-up shop

Little known hand-knitted clothing brand Lowie has recently opened a pop-up shop on Neal St. Having happened upon it on Saturday, I was very happy to see how much the brand has developed since I once bought a customised flat cap at London Fashion Weekend and decided to find out who they were. Back then it was scarves, gloves and rosettes. Now on top of these lovely hand knitted accessories, we have the most amazing military inspired cardigan which, if it wasn't £178 would already be mine.

I wasn't able to capture it in all its glory, but take a trip down to the store, its around until Christmas, you can see what all the fuss is about. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Topshop hearts Paris

For lack of anything interesting to write I thought that I'd take a moment to regale you all with the wonderful Paris love that's going on at Topshop. C'est tres chic! I'd happily stroll down the Champs Elysees wearing any of them (especially the first one), walking hand in hand with mon petit ami whilst drinking a cafe au lait and eating a criossant.... No self respecting Parisienne would be caught dead in one, perfect however for this tasteless Anglaise.



I do love an I 'heart' T-shirt. Being the proud owner of two, shouting my love of Paris and New York, the latter of which I've never been to (so I'm a bit of a victim to fads...). Anyway I digress, having been on a couple of city breaks in the past year I've been faced with the question of whether actually buying one that doesn't support a fashionable city isn't just a little crappy?

Having fallen in love with Barcelona all over again this week, and it not being a terrible place for fashion, I was tempted to invest in a third T-shirt. Unfortunately I didn't find one I liked in time, and so now loser that I am, I am thinking of ordering one off the net. Is this an act of I Love overkill? Or am I challenging the imposed hierarchy of the fashion four? I 'heart' Budapest anyone?

I heart BCN

A very amateurish attempt to do some artsy style photos on an amazing Gaudi pillar background in Barcelona... Thanks to the Boy and his lovely new camera.
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