APC yumminess

Once upon a time I was told that I had mastered the art of Parisian school-girl chic. Although I was very flattered by this, I know that sadly it isn't true. If it were I would certainly have at least 1 item from APC in my pathetically small wardrobe.

This girl makes French style look so easy - I realise that as shes advertising the clothes that she's meant to- but that is beside the point. Wearing a smock dress, a cardigan and a beret she could so easily look like a dodgy exchange student from a cheese farm in Marseilles, but she is the epitome of casual chic, even the brown socks somehow add to the fabulousness.

Like socks with sandals (on women), berets can now be worn in to create an insouciant air about you. Unfortunately my budget doesn't yet stretch to an entire outfit from APC, but I'm definitely thinking that navy knitwear is the way forward... I might even buy some brown socks.

If you're still feeling the French love, check out thier APC with Liberty fabrics range - a perfect union of London and Paris.


I'm still at it...

H&M fun and nonsense

The H&M website always leaves me wanting more. The fact that unlike Germany and Denmark we can't order online is irksome, when surely there is much more of a market for that here in the UK (based on my in-depth market research - of course). H&M delivered to your door would probably bankrupt me, but thats beside the point, its freedom of choice we all want.

Rant aside, I was having a look on their website and discovered this delightful little feature. Not only can you design an outfit (from a limited range of options) but it tells you how much it will all cost! The one I designed earlier (above) will set me back £147.95 - although it may actually look frightful on. I am actually considering buying the body though, which according to the nifty calculator is only £14.99. But on second thoughts it involves leaving the house....


I totally stole this...

I saw this in Grazia, so don't deserve any praise for finding it, but I will take responsibility for passing it around. Release your inner Sienna or Mary-Kate, and feel as though you can prance around naked under a full moon wearing flowers in your hair (or whatever it is pseudo-hippies are supposed to do).

Created by Lee May Foster and inspired by evening walks along the Cornish coast... You get past the spiritualist nonsense fairly easily when you realise they only cost £16.50. Perfect for festival accessorising, although it still won't make me spend the night in a tent.

Check them out.


Hello Sailor

Now I know that every spring we all whip on our navy and whites and stroll around looking like we've lost our ships. Its as inevitable as florals and bare legs (from the hopefuls) in summer. Today I saw a fashionable young fellow truly embracing this trend so often just reserved for us female fashion victims.

He was walking down Oxford St wearing a navy sailor top, complete with white trimmings and back flap thing, jeans with massive turn ups and (my favourite part) black and white brogues. I wanted to jump off the bus and take a photo, but I'm not sure how this chic Popeye would have taken it.

My personal belief- and this stems mostly from nothing- is that he was emulating old Blue Eyes himself. A man truly worthy of being copied, perhaps not in the adultery and mafia connections sense, but he was in his time quite a style icon. So hats off to the sailor boy for daring to dress like Frank.


This is a nipple. To be exact its a silver nipple brooch which will be sold in aid of breast cancer. I'm a little late on this as a breaking story as it came out in April, but I thought I'd post it just the same as its so discussion-worthy it deserves a little attention. Obviously because its for a good cause we shouldn't laugh, but the look of puzzlement on peoples faces when they see it for the first time is only comparable to the further look of astonishment when they realise what it actually is. Priceless.

Based on the artist's own nipple, and with "both men and women in mind" the only question is really, should you wear one or two?

I'm thinking two...



£40 at Pret-a-portobello and also available in Yellow... This Jarlo creation is quite possibly the most fabulous dress ever.

(Cleans chin)


Bargain Beauty

For those of us who don't work in a beauty department at a magazine, getting your hands on discounted beauty goods is always tricky. Recently through doing some research, I came across a lovely lady who does the press for and I have to say, its impressive.

With a reasonably good selection of brands - i'm still enjoying the fact that they practically give away YSL Touche Eclat at £16.50 - what really makes them stand out from the crowd is the free delivery. Yes, I kid you not, you can opt for free delivery no matter how small your purchase. So you can buy for 20-30% off the high street price and not be cheated when it comes to postage. Yay!

The god of beauty smiles upon us.


Part of Topshop's Day of The Dead collection, this scarf seems to be no more than a cheap imitation of another well known-skull print design (answers on a postcard). However if an excuse was ever needed to stick skulls, sequins and flowers on everything, this is it.

Check it out.


Irrationally wanting one of these...

So amazing they're on pre-order, this Jessica Kagan Cushman shopper is high on my I-Want list. Famous for her witty slogan bangles, she has branched out into the world of bags (also with witty slogans). Of course you could have a "My other bag is Hermes" - in orange, or "My other bag is Louis Vuitton", but for £50 I'd much rather be championing Chanel. - check them out!


What all the fuss was about...

Hello everybody, please meet the flawless blue 7.03 carat diamond which sold yesterday for £6.2 million. It took 15 minutes for an anonymous bidder to claim their purchase via the telephone (puts QVC to shame). It seems that diamonds are the best investment around in these recession-wary times. Just need to stump up the few millions it takes to buy one, to pay for the security to protect it and the safe to house it... simple.


How I shall dress in the Autumn...

Granny meets Scandinavian lumberjack, team it with the F-Troupe fur-lined hiking boots and you'll survive winter very fashionably... Pity its only May.

Urban Outfitters AW/09

All the stuff I loved from the Urban Outfitters press day... feast your eyes!


Sheer fabulous

Seasons change, the weather is unpredictable and the current dilemma is what on earth to wear on your legs? There's the usual choices, leggings, tights, footless tights, go bare...

But something I've noticed is, its not about whether you wear tights, instead its about how sheer they are. While I've always preferred the 110 denier types that don't show any hint of skin colour, the London "cool kids" all seem to prefer an almost sheer cheap-like quality to theirs. I suppose this goes with that I-barely-spend-any-money-on-my-charity-shop-clothes veneer.

Although I despise all posers and "sceners" I think they may be on to something, for sheer coverage provides just enough to shroud the unsightly mid-week stubble, but isn't so thick you get sweaty knees. A perfect solution.

Buy cheap, buy Marc by Marc

To herald the opening of the London Marc By Marc Jacobs store, they have presented the happy designer-mad shopper with the ability to own a little piece of the label, for a tiny piece of the price.

Lipstick pens are £1, key rings (with a very prominent Marc By Marc inscription) £3 and quilted neon coloured bags are only a fiver! Upon this discovery I could barely contain my glee, forget fashion for the elite, this is fashion for the masses on a ground-breaking scale.

One can only hope that other designers will see the light and follow suit. Yes its not as special as buying an £800 handbag, people who can will certainly agree, but honestly, when you too can be a complete label whore, who cares?

Guilt-free shopping

Whilst taking a trip down Brick Lane, a friend and I were ushered into a sample sale after a whispering in our ear told us that they were stocking Luella.

Much to my delight, the selection wasn't terribly old and was terribly cheap. Funny really, how when you don't have money, somehow there's always a little to spare for designer wear. Even my boyfriend who rarely understands the significance of such brands gave me the encouragement I needed to spend £30 on a tweed riding jacket - completely guilt free.

Had I spent it on something from Topshop or six things from Primark, that high street guilt would have crept up straight away. But not in this case, that gorgeous piece of Luella is mine and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was the right thing to do. I feel as though I have discovered the meaning of life - did I say life? I meant fashion.
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