Twitter Treasures

I love twitter, not only because you can get the latest news, bash your least favourite contestants on X Factor and look at weird trends but also because you can learn about hidden shopping gems that you might not have otherwise.

Jewellery by Vanya is an example of this. A beautifully laid out website selling affordable pieces that look like your grandmother's treasured heirlooms. The quirky, cute and thoroughly gorgeous offerings are each more desirable than the last and its all I can do not to put 20 in my basket at a time.

My personal favourites are the bow, gilded leaf and especially the wonderfully simple Lady Lileth Japanese tear drop necklace, I can just picture that adding a little luminosity to any look.

With rings starting at £8 and necklaces at £12 you'd better get shopping before this adorable boutique goes stratospheric... which it most definitely will.



The East End Thrift Store

Last weekend the Boy and I decided to give the East End Thrift Store a visit. Its been over a year since we last went and we weren't disappointed. What was once a loft room stuffed with junk is now a showcase of their best vintage finds. Downstairs you can still find amazing bargains for £10 - and if you're looking for a snowman or reindeer intarsia jumper btw this is definitely the place to go - but upstairs is now like an Aladdin's cave of clothing delight.

I tried on that yellow, blue and red jumper and was about 30 seconds away from buying it before shoppers guilt (and my mothers voice) kicked in and I reluctantly put it back on the hanger, so if you were the lucky person who bought it - good on you!
 We then ventured to Brick Lane to have a look in Beyond Retro and some other stores before I declared myself to be 'vintaged-out' much to the Boy's amusement and we headed back west to the more 'modern' world of Topshop. Not before however seeing this bendy bus completely mounted on the curb and making a horrendous mess of trying to reverse.

A good day all round.


Something woolly this way comes

There was something a little different about Savile Row this afternoon. Some crazy person decided that it would be a good idea to lay down some grass and bring sheep to this famous street. Which crazy person I hear you cry? Well that would be HRH Prince Charles. 

He wants us to all use real wool which will apparently help us to look good and save our planet to boot. But eco-postulating aside, it was a novelty to have these beautiful fluffy beings going about their daily business, complete with farmer and sheep dogs.

So buy wool everybody, its warm, wonderful and the Prince of Wales wants us to keep it sheepy.

Keep your eye out for other events in conjunction with National Wool Awareness Week. 


Snow is falling...

Ok, so with the Indian summer that we are supposed to be having this weekend, this jumper seems wildly inappropriate. But with 78 days until Christmas (not that I'm counting) and the promise of yet another freezing winter, I couldn't help smiling to myself when I saw this in Zara today. 

Crazy intarsia jumpers are set to be a big thing this winter (when it finally arrives), or so the magazines tell us and this one is just like nanna would have knitted (not mine, but somebody's I'm sure).

With reindeers and Christmas trees adorning both the front and back of this topper, its set to have a very short shelf life - unless you're into post 25th irony when its February- but for a shopper that is all about the here and now, I think its utterly adorable.

I hope to see everyone wearing something this silly come the end of October and if this one takes your fancy, you can but it here for £29.99

Now get out there and start snow dancing.

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