HRH Mulberry

Mulberry's new Margaret line dropped online today and it instantly appealed to my inner country lady (I'm sitting here wearing Hunters and a tweed twinset as I type...). Featuring a crest that celebrates a love of all things British (tea, cake, bulldogs) this fabulous and ever so slightly kitsch range is inspired by royal wildchild Princess Margaret herself (the name gives it away somewhat).

As always they are made from irresistible Mulberry leather and finished to an impeccable standard, now the only dilemma is spend a little or spend ALOT?

Above: A pretty entry piece at an affordable £130. Below: A regal investment in royal blue £495. Decisions decisions...


Green fingers are heaven sent...

I have spent the past few days shopping like a madwoman for my impending trip to Thailand, so I am sitting in front of my computer feeling well and truly pooped. I've visited Topshop twice, almost got crushed as we pushed our way through the gay pride loving crowds to get to H&M on Regent St (clearly the best one), Millets once (which is enough), John Lewis, Primark (eek), Office and River Island twice and I honestly can say that I haven't even got half of the actually useful stuff that I need, just clothes. And judging by the size of my borrowed backpack, far far too many of those...

So anyway, to treat myself for all my hard work, I thought that I'd give myself not one but two gifts... On top of the fact I've spent almost £300 on god knows what already!

Above my heavenly angel wings ring reduced to £2.5o at Topshop. Perfect apart from the fact it has already turned my finger green... And below, my super amazing unicorn print canvas tote from River Island (don't hate me). They seem to be having a Miu Miu moment (have you seen the shoes?) and I think that this super-cool bag hits just the right balance between cute and chic. I just need to find out how to take off that horrible silver plaque... Any ideas?
Oh and I almost forgot, I also bought myself a pair of white leather Sperry's.

Gah! Just reading back over this makes me cringe slightly.

Well as I am now without gainful employment I may as well spend my last month's salary before its gone!

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