Car Booty

Today was possibly the best bargain day of 2010 and I don't give this accolade lightly. Being slightly middle aged in my taste for all things old, junky and antique, the Boy and I decided to go to a local car boot sale. As a highstreet fashionista with limited means of transport, I rarely go to these, but from now on I think I might have to make it a regular occurence.

Above is my selection of goodies that I aquired for the grand sum of £9 (the Ray Bans are my own - I added them for photographic effect).

Yes, I kid you not... the most expensive item was the vintage Hacker radio at a princely £5. Apparently the batteries are £7 each and quite hard to get hold of, so it will make a pretty bookend for the time being.

There is also another handbag which didn't fit in with the colour scheme (its grey - i'm working on my visual appeal). But together with the brown bow-embellished one they cost a please-don't-hate-me £1 each. So so smug right now.

Today's trip has definitely sated the shopping monster for a little while at least, with my current finances taking a spectacular nose dive, it probably won't be long before second hand Primark begins to look attractive. If you have the patience to sort through the piles of junk, George shoes, baby clothes and saggy furniture then there is many a bargain or a gem to be found...

... Mark my words i'll be the one on the Antiques Roadshow claiming to have picked up 'this old thing' for 50p.

A girl can hope.


Mad about the men

I know that smoking isn't smart and isn't cool, but after watching two series of Mad Men back to back its definitely sexy. I know i'm embarrasingly late off this particular mark but I am now completely enamoured with the whiskey neat, grey flannel suit, crisp white shirt, cinched waist, beautiful bored housewives, smoky sultriness of it all...

So in my attempt to work some old world glamour into my life i've been sporting matching red lips and nails all week. *

As for the cigarettes and scotch on the rocks, I might leave that to the boys...

* The cigarette is a fake - I'm a good girl really


Cloudy days

Thought I'd do some cloudy nails inspired by the british summer time... I added the suns as wishful thinking.

Street styling at an art installation

Went to an awful art installation today at the Hayward Gallery which featured a giant lobster and some photocopied rabbits (nope no idea). The best part with this Truman show-esque painted sky wall so I decided to be arty and get a photograph of myself.



River Island often miss the mark. They get close, so so close, sometimes they even make things that minus the diamantes and the giant self-promoting labels are worth buying. My recent purchase of a unicorn-print bag is a great example (I am a certified expert at sorting the wheat from the chaff - obvs).

But upon browsing their newly restyled website (which FYI is much much better) I came across this... interesing creation. Perhaps attempting to feed off the success of last winter's super cute panda beanie hat, they've gone and given a furry bag ears.

Fur bags I totally get, shearling and fur trims are going to be a huge hit this winter (so we're told) but this is definitely in a league of its own.

Upon reflection its the oddly placed zip that transforms this unfortunate accessory from not just a weird design choice but into a slightly worrying gimp mask meets zippy homage... shudder.

If it still turns you on, you can get it for £24.99 on their snazzy new website.



Today I had a Roger Rabbit moment. The moment I laid eyes on these beautiful boots I could have sworn that my eyes jumped out of my head and my heart started to pound audibly. I have been looking for shoes like these for a long time. Screw the faddy shearling-lined hiking boots, you are forgotten already. These will be my investment in timeless style.

In short: They. Will. Be. Mine.

£160, Carvela, pure unadulterated chic.... classic fashion genius.

H&M stuff and nonsense

Just discovered this awesome new feature on the H&M website. You take on model in her underwear, dress her in loads of different clothes and you can see how you'd wear them (in an ideal world where I'm skinny and tall) it also helpfully lists the prices.

That poncho is so mine its unreal.


Love the look

Simple and chic, I absolutely love this look from Asos. As Tyra would say this is H to T modelling, selling me everything from her topknot to those super-cool shearling lined boots. Both the dress and the boots are in my 'save for later' list - however with all this rain making me less inclined to leave the house I have a feeling that they shall be moved to my shopping bag soon enough. £87 seems almost reasonable... but as I sit at home searching for gainful employment I do wonder whether it might be just a little flippant, considering i'm almost certainly going to buy this jacket: (I can't afford Burberry after all...)
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