River Island often miss the mark. They get close, so so close, sometimes they even make things that minus the diamantes and the giant self-promoting labels are worth buying. My recent purchase of a unicorn-print bag is a great example (I am a certified expert at sorting the wheat from the chaff - obvs).

But upon browsing their newly restyled website (which FYI is much much better) I came across this... interesing creation. Perhaps attempting to feed off the success of last winter's super cute panda beanie hat, they've gone and given a furry bag ears.

Fur bags I totally get, shearling and fur trims are going to be a huge hit this winter (so we're told) but this is definitely in a league of its own.

Upon reflection its the oddly placed zip that transforms this unfortunate accessory from not just a weird design choice but into a slightly worrying gimp mask meets zippy homage... shudder.

If it still turns you on, you can get it for £24.99 on their snazzy new website.

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