Car Booty

Today was possibly the best bargain day of 2010 and I don't give this accolade lightly. Being slightly middle aged in my taste for all things old, junky and antique, the Boy and I decided to go to a local car boot sale. As a highstreet fashionista with limited means of transport, I rarely go to these, but from now on I think I might have to make it a regular occurence.

Above is my selection of goodies that I aquired for the grand sum of £9 (the Ray Bans are my own - I added them for photographic effect).

Yes, I kid you not... the most expensive item was the vintage Hacker radio at a princely £5. Apparently the batteries are £7 each and quite hard to get hold of, so it will make a pretty bookend for the time being.

There is also another handbag which didn't fit in with the colour scheme (its grey - i'm working on my visual appeal). But together with the brown bow-embellished one they cost a please-don't-hate-me £1 each. So so smug right now.

Today's trip has definitely sated the shopping monster for a little while at least, with my current finances taking a spectacular nose dive, it probably won't be long before second hand Primark begins to look attractive. If you have the patience to sort through the piles of junk, George shoes, baby clothes and saggy furniture then there is many a bargain or a gem to be found...

... Mark my words i'll be the one on the Antiques Roadshow claiming to have picked up 'this old thing' for 50p.

A girl can hope.

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