Fringe benefits

Its that time of the year again. As soon as it starts to get cold enough to wear hats and snoods and the rain makes my hair frizz uncontrollably I get the urge. So here it is, my annual fringe cut.

I give it six months of bi-weekly hold-your-breath-in-case-they-cut-it-too-short trims before I give it up again to grow it out in time for summer, but for now here it is in all its blunt and thick glory.



My first ever Chanel purchase (and a couple of monkeys)

I accompanied my mum to the Cambridge biannual glass fair on Sunday and while she perused the selections by Whitefriars, John Walsh and various other design houses that mean nothing to me, I managed to find a name I recognised amongst the crowd.

A rather lovely gentleman was selling these vintage Chanel bottles for £5 each, but thanks to my charm and sparkling smile(or something like that), he threw in the bigger one for free.

Its not quite a 2.55, but not bad for a first purchase. I can't stand the smell so I've never bought the perfume - also I am fully aware that owning the fragrance does not a designer owner make, otherwise I'd be boasting a selection of Viktor and Rolf, Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier goodies (I wish).

My See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil monkeys are apparently from the 1930s, but as I found them and thier price particularly charming (£4) I decided to add them to my newly created perfume bottle collection.

So far I have three....


Is that roadkill on your head?

Theres nothing better than posing in front of random brick walls in a busy Guildford on a Saturday afternoon. 

Other than feeling a bit silly, I just wanted to share my new purchase with the world. A hat that would make a Russian Tsar proud - Topshop £20.

The rest of my look:

Coat - Borrowed from the boy, Jumper and Shorts- H&M, Necklace - A present from Love From Hetty And Dave (Blog post to follow)

Guess what shoes I was wearing?



Ashish has gone all Francais on us with his new range for Topshop and created an awesome range of basics - with added ooh la la. (Sorry, couldn't help it) 

This is my personal favourite, comfy, grey (very important)and makes the right kind of statement ('hello'- genius).



Put a hat on it

I have a thing about little hats. I don't own a single one, just the usual beanies and winter warmers, but If I were to get a little perching one, it would certainly be this one. My head is notoriously adverse to head gear, but in order to complete that barbershop quartet look I was clearly going for here, I think that this fabulous topper from My Sugarland should be top of my wishlist.

Photograph courtesy of the fabulous Abi from

Photo editing by me and the wonderful Picnic and Picasa!


Eltham Palace Art Deco fair

Decided to have a mother daughter day on Sunday and what better way to spend it than going to an Art Deco fair at a gorgeous 1930s mansion. As neither of us could drive (me - no license; mum - bad arm) we threw ourselves upon the mercy of the Bromley bus system and miraculously it came through. 

Two uneventful bus journeys later and we found ourselves at the beautiful Eltham Palace. A settlement that can be dated back to the 1300s and once counted Henry VII as a resident, only the great hall is still present from those times. In its place is a spectacular residence built by some very rich people in the 1930s and boasts an enormous dome, wood panelling and general Art Deco amazingness. No surprise then that they decided to hold the fair there.

After perusing all the (very expensive) offerings, and being stopped from buying some 1940s satin and lace shorts (someone might have died in them according to my mother) we decided to tour the house then finish the afternoon with a spot of cream tea. Lovely.


Top knot... Top not?

My attempt at something kooky, cute and avante garde...

I think it was a mild success, but then again I may be in denial about a monumental fashion fail.

My mum certainly thinks so...

Also here is a quick shot of what I was wearing yesterday. The black velvet blazer is a gift from The Boy's grandmother. Its 1970s Jaeger - I was very excited when she insisted I take it home with me.

Oh and I know I wear those shoes in nearly every photo... but they're so damn comfortable!


Hannah Zakari

I can't even begin to describe the amazingness that is Hannah Zakari. I don't remember exactly how I found out about it, but for years now I have found myself regularly logging on to check out the cute as candy merchandise.

This is the perfect got-to place for super kitsch jewellery, playful prints and everything in-between. Originally set up by jewellery designer Rachael Lamb as a platform for independent jewellery makers, there is now a stand alone store in Edinburgh and a revamp of the online shop just around the corner.

Brands to watch include:
  • *Michelle Chang* Her tiny silver skulls are amazing, perfect for delicate layering.
  • *Cosas Minimas* These fabulous prints have a child-like innocence that makes them utterly adorable.
  • *Eclectic Eccentricity* A collection of vintage and contemporary pieces inspired by a love of knick knacks and cute finds.
  • *Kate Wilson* Her birdie illustrations won't fail to make you smile.
  • *Mary Mary Handmade* Smiling lollies and sloths in sterling silver... Need I say more?
  • *Miso Funky* Singlehandedly bringing the art of cross stitch to the twee lovers in the world.
  • *Custom Made UK* Cute quirky pieces that pride themselves in being a little different, but completely fabulous.
Once you log on your biggest problem will be deciding how many things you can get away with buying a month!

Check it out here!

Prowling the urban jungle

Meet my Mulberry Faux-Lexa

I thought that it was about time that everyone got to meet my *cough cough* Mulberry Alexa shoulder clutch.

Okay, so for those eagle-eyed Mulberry fans out there you can probably notice the instant fail when it comes to my *almost* perfect copy. Yes - as my sister very kindly pointed out: a) the clasp is too shiny, and more importantly b) lacking that iconic mulberry tree.

I forked over £4o (talked down from £80!) on a rainy night in Thailand and haven't regretted it once. Its real leather, has monogrammed lining, real buckles at the front and even if it wasn't bought for its lookalike qualities is a very chic bag in its own right.

I won't be wearing it into the Mulberry shop any time soon (cringe) but I'm just glad that I've managed to get a piece of the Alexa pie - even if I can't stand its namesake.

Along with my faux-ban clubmasters my counterfeit portfolio is beginning to look a little more impressive.

Check out the real version here.


Alber Elbaz we love you

Today I heard the very exciting news that this November's H&M designer collaboration will be with none other than Lanvin. While I give you a moment to pick your jaw up from the floor - I know I needed one - I shall take the time to give you a little bit more information. Having always been against a mass market "dress for less"collection, Alber Elbaz is taking the opportunity to inject luxury into the highstreet store. Lanvin isn't going public, H&M is - for November at least - going to have something resembling high fashion class.

So what should we expect? To try and create an affordable version of the French powerhouse sounds impossible and yet come the 23rd of November there it will be. Anybody who loves Lanvin will know that the beauty is in the exquisite lines, the feminine detailing, the contrast of modern design and old world glamour and simply the delicious Frenchness of it all. To bring all this to the wardrobe of a regular girl on a regular salary really is "translating the dream".

I can't wait!

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