Fringe benefits

Its that time of the year again. As soon as it starts to get cold enough to wear hats and snoods and the rain makes my hair frizz uncontrollably I get the urge. So here it is, my annual fringe cut.

I give it six months of bi-weekly hold-your-breath-in-case-they-cut-it-too-short trims before I give it up again to grow it out in time for summer, but for now here it is in all its blunt and thick glory.



danniekate said...

you get your fringe cut ONCE a year???! try once a grows so fast...xx

Freelance Fashionista said...

Haha! Well mine is every two weeks, but I grow it out after about 4 months then get it cut in again once a year :)

Maybe I was slightly misleading!!

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