Eltham Palace Art Deco fair

Decided to have a mother daughter day on Sunday and what better way to spend it than going to an Art Deco fair at a gorgeous 1930s mansion. As neither of us could drive (me - no license; mum - bad arm) we threw ourselves upon the mercy of the Bromley bus system and miraculously it came through. 

Two uneventful bus journeys later and we found ourselves at the beautiful Eltham Palace. A settlement that can be dated back to the 1300s and once counted Henry VII as a resident, only the great hall is still present from those times. In its place is a spectacular residence built by some very rich people in the 1930s and boasts an enormous dome, wood panelling and general Art Deco amazingness. No surprise then that they decided to hold the fair there.

After perusing all the (very expensive) offerings, and being stopped from buying some 1940s satin and lace shorts (someone might have died in them according to my mother) we decided to tour the house then finish the afternoon with a spot of cream tea. Lovely.

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