Hannah Zakari

I can't even begin to describe the amazingness that is Hannah Zakari. I don't remember exactly how I found out about it, but for years now I have found myself regularly logging on to check out the cute as candy merchandise.

This is the perfect got-to place for super kitsch jewellery, playful prints and everything in-between. Originally set up by jewellery designer Rachael Lamb as a platform for independent jewellery makers, there is now a stand alone store in Edinburgh and a revamp of the online shop just around the corner.

Brands to watch include:
  • *Michelle Chang* Her tiny silver skulls are amazing, perfect for delicate layering.
  • *Cosas Minimas* These fabulous prints have a child-like innocence that makes them utterly adorable.
  • *Eclectic Eccentricity* A collection of vintage and contemporary pieces inspired by a love of knick knacks and cute finds.
  • *Kate Wilson* Her birdie illustrations won't fail to make you smile.
  • *Mary Mary Handmade* Smiling lollies and sloths in sterling silver... Need I say more?
  • *Miso Funky* Singlehandedly bringing the art of cross stitch to the twee lovers in the world.
  • *Custom Made UK* Cute quirky pieces that pride themselves in being a little different, but completely fabulous.
Once you log on your biggest problem will be deciding how many things you can get away with buying a month!

Check it out here!

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