Apprently the likeness is uncanny

A girl can dream I suppose...

Asos have now jumped on the Barbie bandwagon. Not quite as imaginatively as Christian Louboutin, but with a wide range of these lovely ladies in all their trim, toned and beautiful plastic-ness, there's one to suit all tastes.

Clad in a simple LBD, but with the option to buy a whole range of extras, she's a highstreet vixen who can wield the power of a good accessory (a girl after my own heart).

There's sure to be one that looks almost like a taller, skinner version of you (sorry boys there's no Ken), so £30 really isn't all that much for a little piece of fantasy.


An attempt to WAH myself...

A colleague and fellow fashionista re-sparked my fascination in WAH nails yesterday. Their amazing and intricate nail designs are world famous and almost definitely impossible for a regular human to copy - unless you're a creatively charged surgeon.

Rather taken with a spotty design on their blog, I valiantly decided to spend the best part of two hours last night replicating it.

The result? From a distance, in a blurry photo they're not half bad, not nearly as good as the real thing though... 6/10 for effort?

What do you think?


Valentines Wish List


Just watched Glee on E4 and I got just a little thrill seeing my H&M sailor girl top on Rachel Berry. I am clearly not just a fan, I am a trend setter.... *Jazz Hands*

Double Take

Who doesn't want a Proenza Schouler PS1 satchel? These heartbreakingly expensive bags have adorned the arms of some of the most stylish ladies in the world, but for us mere mortals shelling out over a grand even for the loveliest of bags is a bit unlikely (who needs food, or a roof?).

Thankfully Asos has once again come to the highstreet rescue with this £65 leather satchel. A compelling knock-off, in a massively on-trend hue. Obviously "insiders" will be able to tell the difference, but really who cares? Its a lovely bag in its own right, payday treat anybody?

(Proenza Schouler PS1 satchel £1,215
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