Delightful doodle

I was so so pleased when I opened Google today to find that they had a Little Prince dedicated doodle.

This wonderful story is one of my top 10 reads of all time. Combining beautiful illustrations and heartfelt philosophy, I'd recommend it to everyone. Allegedly based on the real near-death experience of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (and his subsequent rescue by a Bedouin boy) this heartfelt read still holds the same magic for me as it did when I was little.

Check it out, you won't regret it.
Says the fox to the prince "We only really see with the heart. The most important things can't be seen with the eyes."

Crystal cupcakes and leopard nails

Feeling questionably patriotic?

The wonderful people at Barry M have had a brief relapse of taste and started selling these three Nail Paints together for the discounted price of £6.50 (a saving of £2.35 ooh!) so that all of us can indulge our inner ladette and support the boys. Don't all rush at once...

Style Icon: Sailor Moon?

Well perhaps not... but as I stepped out in my over-the-knee socks along with a floaty dress, I felt like a cross between that and a Victorian schoolgirl. It takes some guts to go out wearing St Trinians style socks (apparently) and if it weren't for the scruffy boots and boyfriend jumper I would probably have walked around looking like the wrong side of jailbait (especially given the curls and headband combo).

Anyhow... considering I don't really do sexy or elegant or fashion forward I thought I'd post my take on cute.

How much longer can I get away with dressing like a teenager? Hopefully just a little bit longer.


Saturday Adventures

Who watched the football on Saturday? Who was forced to? I found myself coerced into a deal with the Boy whereby if I didn't cringe (too much) at the car flags and put up with the 'En-ger-lund' war cries at the pub, not to mention the middle aged men wearing football shirts that I would be taken on an adventure that morning.

As readers of this blog know, I am a girl who loves an adventure - not the hiking, camping type mind you, I'm much more the stately homes and cream tea type... Following the huge success of our adventure excursion last year, the Boy and I found ourselves the village of Corfe Castle, the beautifully picturesque hamlet that lies at the foot of castle ruins in Dorset. Having landed on the same day as 'Corfest' the usual £6 fee was wavered by the lovely old ladies from the National Trust (after a hefty yearly membership sales pitch) and we were able to ascend to the castle with the happiness only true freedom can bring.

At the entrance of the castle was a small market and makeshift dog show, so after watching the 'waggiest tail' entrants strut thier stuff(and get their bellies scratched), we took a stroll around the stalls. A jar of pickled eggs, chilli oil, tomato chutney and a bracelet later we moved on to a church book fair where I picked up a copy of The Alchemist for 50p - bargain!

My bracelet is actually intended to be a little girls necklace, but after opting to go for a 'B' bee rather then an 'E' elephant (or the 'P' piglet suggestion by the Boy) I thought I'd be fabulously bohemian/ kitsch and wrap it around my wrist, although I still haven't been able to tie a knot tight enough to get it to stay yet. Knot experts suggestions welcome...
After having a lovely pub lunch we headed to the coast and sat on a stone watching the world go by for a little bit...

... And made it home in plenty of time to watch England draw 1-1 against USA. I kept my promise and was on my best behaviour. Of course A bottle of rose was the perfect way to finish taking the edge off the beautiful game.

Doesn't the Boy look lovely in his sunglasses?

New Shoes!

Some say they're channelling Chloe others say Alexander Wang... I say nothing because I don't want too many people to know that they are in fact £35 from good ol' M&S.

Having seen them in a shoes campaign in the wonderful Stylist magazine, I knew they had to be mine. I know I should be saving money to spend on investment buys, but when the highstreet is this good I think that they're a fair investment in a good summer. Beyond? I'll think about that later.
My second pair of shoes is thanks to my lovely mother. Today we took a trip the the retail outlet in Ashford (so so chavtastic but they have a Kurt Geiger so I'm not complaining). My mum decided to buy two pair of shoes and thanks to a fantastic offer, you got a third pair for free. So I picked these bejewelled lovelies.

These shoes should see me through the summer, or at least the month but seeing as how I've now handed in my notice in order to taste freelance freedom, these will have to be the last shoes I buy for a while... I will ignore the horror of this situation by decorating my nails, watch this space.


Just needs the cream

I'm honing my skills... Since investing £25 in a set of nail pens after a fairly convincing sales pitch at Hamleys, I've been playing with them all week. I've run out of fingers (and toes!).

Seeing as its almost Wimbledon season, I thought that strawberries might be wonderfully appropriate... so here they are.

I might start charging soon.
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