New Shoes!

Some say they're channelling Chloe others say Alexander Wang... I say nothing because I don't want too many people to know that they are in fact £35 from good ol' M&S.

Having seen them in a shoes campaign in the wonderful Stylist magazine, I knew they had to be mine. I know I should be saving money to spend on investment buys, but when the highstreet is this good I think that they're a fair investment in a good summer. Beyond? I'll think about that later.
My second pair of shoes is thanks to my lovely mother. Today we took a trip the the retail outlet in Ashford (so so chavtastic but they have a Kurt Geiger so I'm not complaining). My mum decided to buy two pair of shoes and thanks to a fantastic offer, you got a third pair for free. So I picked these bejewelled lovelies.

These shoes should see me through the summer, or at least the month but seeing as how I've now handed in my notice in order to taste freelance freedom, these will have to be the last shoes I buy for a while... I will ignore the horror of this situation by decorating my nails, watch this space.

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sartoriology said...

hoorah! loving the shoes x

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