October shopping list

I'm still on a wave on inspiration from 500 Days of Summer, so I thought I'd put together a little collage off all the 'geek chic' bits a pieces I'd love to buy this month. The jumper makes me think of a Sonia Rykiel number and as if by magic the skirt appeared in a mailout in my inbox alerting me to its super cool existence. Teamed with a few choice accessories I'll be skipping (in a post modern self aware way of course) all the way to Toni & Guy to get my new oh-so-cute fringe cut.

(Gloves £10, bangle £8 Accessorize, Hairband £8 American Apparel, Ballet Pumps £35 Office, Jumper £28 New Look, Skirt £24.99 Uniqlo, Mini Casio Watch £36 Urban Outfitters)


Double take

Above Givenchy perfect tough boots made for stomping through the winter (perhaps not through puddles though) £785. Below, a damn good copy from Topshop £95.

Subtle customisation

Take one Vogue 'fashion's night out' T-shirt...

Add a little ribbon...

Some subtle embellishment...

Et Voila!

Snappy dressing

Please excuse the background mess! Just thought I'd add a little snap of my new 'fashion party' dress. I was going to get the Christopher Kane for Topshop alligator T-shirt dress, but I'm not sure I have the fashion edge to wear a giant open reptilian mouth that steals my limelight. So the pretty dress it is.


Summer style this autumn

After watching the best film of the year - (500) Days of Summer FYI awesome movie! - I was taken by just how wonderful Summer's vintage meets preppy wardrobe is. Girly, kooky, cute, completely against everything modern, tough and trend-lend that we see on the catwalks today. I loved it. Lace-edged dresses, dainty bows, argyle sweaters, grey tights and all things high-waisted. Amazing. I also loved the hint of blue cleverly woven into everything, perfectly bringing out Zooey Deschanel's sapphire peepers.

I am now well and truly inspired to get a fringe, expand my meagre vintage wardrobe and wear blue bows in my hair every day.


Prospective new 'do'

This is how i'd like my hair this autumn. My face as well, but as a trip to Toni and Guy won't fix that I think i'll settle for the 'do'. Thoughts?

Double take

Remember those amazing Luella hairbands? I completely missed the part of the summer sales where they were reduced to £30 (probably due to reminding myself that that is still an awful lot to spend on hair accessories), but Miss Selfridge has come to the rescue of my designer knock off loving self with this jaw-droppingly similar copy for £6. Right down to the heart shaped button in the centre, its all a girl needs to add a little embellishment that could fool even the keenest Luella fan.

A little bit of love

Whilst shopping the other day I spotted this lovely little piece from Accessorize. It reminded me of the 'Carrie' necklace I've never quite gotten around to getting, so I thought that in the meantime £5 for a little but of love wasn't half bad.



No, no, no, no. So it looks like they'll all be playing themselves 25 years ago... Just gotta hope that they've got an amazing CGI team, or failing that camera lenses smeared with Vaseline because they're kidding nobody...

If the shoe fits

According to health experts women are damaging their feet by wearing the wrong shoes. Nothing new there then. But before all you ballerina lovers start smugly nodding your heads, it turns out that even the humble flat can actually be damaging in some cases because many of us aren't wearing the right shoes.

The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists believes that for everyday use women should be wearing "a low-heeled shoe - no higher than 4cm - which has a rounded toe." Hmm... I'm not a "killer heel" - or even really a heel- wearer but I'm finding it hard to conjure up an image where a stubby heeled shoe with a round toe is even remotely attractive... I know a few girls that would club you to death with their Louboutins before you even suggest such a monstrosity.

The subject of high heels often divides people. At the beginning of August the (mostly male-lead) TUC announced that it wanted to introduce a ban on heels in the workplace because they're "sexist and pose a health and safety hazard".

Ok so this is probably true, even the most super fashion victims often pull a Clarke Kent and change from a tube-friendly flat into fabulous teetering lovelies as they arrive at the office before the rest of us are any wiser. But the effect of wearing them is unmistakable, even with my Bambi ankles I'm suddenly more confident, more outgoing, my bum feels a little smaller... In an office full of females the sexist issue feels a million miles away and as we can see Kelly Brook can clearly ride a bike in them, so where is the problem?Yes they're potentially ruining our backs/feet/ankles/ knees/toes, but if like me you've had ugly feet all your life (although I won't knock the ability to pick things up with my toes) there is hardly a dilemma at all. By wearing pretty shoes it might make me ugly on the inside, but as long as it looks good on the outside it doesn't much matter. Just like the rest of this wonderful world of fashion.
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