Irrationally wanting one of these....

Yes, yes I know... Who doesn't want an Hermes scarf? But seeing as the large silk ones are far far out of my price range, I would really like to capture some English country glamour and tie this around my hair. For £78 I just might...

Fashion Week

There are so many amazing looks and designs and things that I want to talk about that I just can't! I will organise my thoughts and post my favourite items soon. Suffice to say, I wish I could afford anything by the following:

Vivian Westwood Red Label
Marc Jacobs
Marc by Marc
Charles Anastase
Marios Schwab
Christopher Kane

The list goes on...

Oh and really really want a pair of those Sparkly Topshop Unique Trousers!


Was watching BBC News this morning (whilst exercising!) and found one particular interview a little strange. Cerrie Burnell, a disabled childrens presenter was being interviewed about the fact that parents were claiming that her having no arm was scaring their children. Not only is the whole concept completely stupid, children need to learn about these things sooner or later. The idea that someone born without an arm needing to explain herself and why she accepts the criticism about something she can do nothing about on national television made me sad.

What made me more angry however was the fact that the presenters fired silly and unneccesary questions towards her, forcing her to further accept the she is 'scary' to people. It seemed to me that there shouldn't be a need for this type of interview to even happen, but when it does that the questions asked shouldn't be asked as though Cerrie had the mental age of the children she presents for. I thought the whole thing was patronising and highlights that no matter how positively we try and portray disability in the media, some prejudices will always remain.

Shame on you BBC!


Irrationally wanting one of these...

When River Island aren't putting diamantes and silly painted R-shaped patterns on their clothing, something wonderful happens. Something wonderful like this lovely straw boater for £24.99. It is almost an exact carbon copy of the Marc Jacobs ones. Although for the exact effect I might have to stand on it and throw it out the window a few times...

Double Take

These two could almost be the same bag. Exhibit A is an American Apparel creation which will set you back £22. I have one and I absolutely love it. Perfect for someone who travels light at the weekends. Exhibit B is one by highstreet giant Primark. It loses you cool points, but at first glance it could be one and the same. At only £6, I am sure that more than a few hipster wannabes will be sporting them on their shoulders.


More colour...

To some monochrome isn't exactly a colour choice. The technicality of which is far too arduous to go into. But after doing some street style research on the subject, I came across this fabulously dressed lady and I suddenly find myself wanting translucent skin and black hair. Oh how cool to be pale in summer, to be completely monochrome. Not even a slash of lipstick to break the theme. What would I give to get my hands on some brogues like that... clearly my next challenge...
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