Was watching BBC News this morning (whilst exercising!) and found one particular interview a little strange. Cerrie Burnell, a disabled childrens presenter was being interviewed about the fact that parents were claiming that her having no arm was scaring their children. Not only is the whole concept completely stupid, children need to learn about these things sooner or later. The idea that someone born without an arm needing to explain herself and why she accepts the criticism about something she can do nothing about on national television made me sad.

What made me more angry however was the fact that the presenters fired silly and unneccesary questions towards her, forcing her to further accept the she is 'scary' to people. It seemed to me that there shouldn't be a need for this type of interview to even happen, but when it does that the questions asked shouldn't be asked as though Cerrie had the mental age of the children she presents for. I thought the whole thing was patronising and highlights that no matter how positively we try and portray disability in the media, some prejudices will always remain.

Shame on you BBC!

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