Meet my Mulberry Faux-Lexa

I thought that it was about time that everyone got to meet my *cough cough* Mulberry Alexa shoulder clutch.

Okay, so for those eagle-eyed Mulberry fans out there you can probably notice the instant fail when it comes to my *almost* perfect copy. Yes - as my sister very kindly pointed out: a) the clasp is too shiny, and more importantly b) lacking that iconic mulberry tree.

I forked over £4o (talked down from £80!) on a rainy night in Thailand and haven't regretted it once. Its real leather, has monogrammed lining, real buckles at the front and even if it wasn't bought for its lookalike qualities is a very chic bag in its own right.

I won't be wearing it into the Mulberry shop any time soon (cringe) but I'm just glad that I've managed to get a piece of the Alexa pie - even if I can't stand its namesake.

Along with my faux-ban clubmasters my counterfeit portfolio is beginning to look a little more impressive.

Check out the real version here.

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