Guilt-free shopping

Whilst taking a trip down Brick Lane, a friend and I were ushered into a sample sale after a whispering in our ear told us that they were stocking Luella.

Much to my delight, the selection wasn't terribly old and was terribly cheap. Funny really, how when you don't have money, somehow there's always a little to spare for designer wear. Even my boyfriend who rarely understands the significance of such brands gave me the encouragement I needed to spend £30 on a tweed riding jacket - completely guilt free.

Had I spent it on something from Topshop or six things from Primark, that high street guilt would have crept up straight away. But not in this case, that gorgeous piece of Luella is mine and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was the right thing to do. I feel as though I have discovered the meaning of life - did I say life? I meant fashion.

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