Hello Sailor

Now I know that every spring we all whip on our navy and whites and stroll around looking like we've lost our ships. Its as inevitable as florals and bare legs (from the hopefuls) in summer. Today I saw a fashionable young fellow truly embracing this trend so often just reserved for us female fashion victims.

He was walking down Oxford St wearing a navy sailor top, complete with white trimmings and back flap thing, jeans with massive turn ups and (my favourite part) black and white brogues. I wanted to jump off the bus and take a photo, but I'm not sure how this chic Popeye would have taken it.

My personal belief- and this stems mostly from nothing- is that he was emulating old Blue Eyes himself. A man truly worthy of being copied, perhaps not in the adultery and mafia connections sense, but he was in his time quite a style icon. So hats off to the sailor boy for daring to dress like Frank.

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