Sheer fabulous

Seasons change, the weather is unpredictable and the current dilemma is what on earth to wear on your legs? There's the usual choices, leggings, tights, footless tights, go bare...

But something I've noticed is, its not about whether you wear tights, instead its about how sheer they are. While I've always preferred the 110 denier types that don't show any hint of skin colour, the London "cool kids" all seem to prefer an almost sheer cheap-like quality to theirs. I suppose this goes with that I-barely-spend-any-money-on-my-charity-shop-clothes veneer.

Although I despise all posers and "sceners" I think they may be on to something, for sheer coverage provides just enough to shroud the unsightly mid-week stubble, but isn't so thick you get sweaty knees. A perfect solution.

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