H&M fun and nonsense

The H&M website always leaves me wanting more. The fact that unlike Germany and Denmark we can't order online is irksome, when surely there is much more of a market for that here in the UK (based on my in-depth market research - of course). H&M delivered to your door would probably bankrupt me, but thats beside the point, its freedom of choice we all want.

Rant aside, I was having a look on their website and discovered this delightful little feature. Not only can you design an outfit (from a limited range of options) but it tells you how much it will all cost! The one I designed earlier (above) will set me back £147.95 - although it may actually look frightful on. I am actually considering buying the body though, which according to the nifty calculator is only £14.99. But on second thoughts it involves leaving the house....

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My New Favourite Thing said...

LOVING the body! I'd wear it with denim cut-offs and pretend to be Blossom circa '92.

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