Bored of the 80s

After having visited several highstreet AW previews, as well as following the catwalk collections I know, as we all have gathered by now that the 80s are going to be huge this autumn. For those of us that were born then, and can't remember it from its first foray it is definitely going to be a fun time. Chunky rainbow knits, shoulder padded tees and plenty of bleached denim and studs. But I swear if I see another take on Madonna punk or the breakfast club or re-invented knits I think I might scream.

While the vintage kids were doing it, it was cool. Agyness et al made us all want a production line of the choicest 80s picks at our finger tips, and now we have it about to explode upon us. It makes me a little sad that nothing individual is sacred, but then again the smell of vintage makes me feel a little bit ill. I'm not sure how much i'll indulge in what will be most probably a passing phase... better to look for the next big decade. Must be time for the shell suits of the 90s to make a comeback.

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