I'm not sure why, and this is probably a very pointless entry, but I thought i'd write a few words about my latest fashion obsession. The snood. Whats that? Yes, it sounds very odd, and if you do a google search you find lots of odd photos of unhappy dogs in headgear (I kid you not) but I like them anyway. The idea of an endless loop for a scarf fascinates me.

The american apparel variety, all 50 inches of it, boasts at least 10 different ways to wear it. Topshop have also recently released a selection of jersey snoods which sadly sold out within days. The reason for the popularity being the challenge of showing just how creative you are I suppose. We all want to be so desperately individual these days...

My reason for wanting one? Probably the joy of saying the word snood over and over again.


KatieB said...

I like them too, they seem very cosy and a lot warmer than normal scarves! I remember aubin and wills did one as well, it was very pricey though, i think maybe over £100 but it looked very comfycomfy.

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Rebecca* said...

How would you advise to wear a snood - you need to get one and show us those 10 ways of wearing it lol

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