A Beth in my bonnet

Beth Ditto annoys me on so many levels. But not for the reasons that many might at first assume. She is a larger than life creature with the ability to make a catchy tune and make every designer fall over themselves to make a Beth-sized copy of their usual size 0 clothing.

She's just championing the rights of a real woman say some. I completely disagree. Gemma Arterton, with her recent weight gain, even Kate Moss and her new 'curves' play a bigger part in the self esteem game than Beth. At a guess I'd say she's morbidly obese, and although she doesn't care, it is this cartoon-like quality which has garnered her so much popularity. Like a fat anti-barbie doll, in the year that Barbie comes back into prominence, she poses a challenge to designers, to actually use that much fabric and still have a product that is recognisably theirs. She's a fun, crude, lesbian who must be a nice break from the usual skinny clones, but she's a novelty not a statement.

Yes she was on the cover of Love magazine, yes somehow she got into an Herve Leger, this just further goes to prove that her image is not that of a role model, currently she's just a model. She has been cleaned up and dumbed down, no longer a rock rebel, but a fashionista. With the fickle industry that is the fashion world, it won't be long before she's just another fat girl who needs to lose weight. Does anyone remember Sophie Dahl?

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Miss Write said...

Totally agree. She's not the poster girl for anything except fat-clogged arteries. I'm quite sick of the sight of her sweating through lycra.

I'm quite over the plus-size thing in general; we non-waifs know we're not going to be high fashion models and we're mostly OK with that. How many great writers and thinkers were size zeros? It's impossible can't think straight on an empty washboard stomach.

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