People Tree

Fair trade clothing often has a rough deal. Despite trying its best to distance itself from the idea of unshaven women wearing hessian sandals and hemp sacks many in the fashion world still turn their noses up at the idea of buying fair trade.

The fashion world is one of fast turnovers, with many highstreet shops releasing new stock once maybe even twice a week. People Tree, whose aim is to actually bring about a difference to the textile workers in Bangladesh and India just can't compete on a real scale with the high street so they deal in classic looks and cuts. Not outrageous shoulders or colours but no potato sacks either.

The designer collaboration always brings in beautifully designed pieces which, contrary to expectations don't actually leave you too out of pocket. This wonderful drape dress designed by Bora Aksu is the perfect blend of casual cool which restores your moral balance at the same time; and at £78 its not going to break the bank either.

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