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Stylista, the latest American reality offering from the makers of America's Next Top Model is bitchy heaven. Set in US Elle it gives us a supposed insight into the glamorous world of a top fashion magazine. I have to say, having worked at the British counterpart, if it is really like that, UK Elle is really in need of a face lift.

Tyra Banks' production company is behind this latest endeavor and it doesn't fail to give the audience what they want. Glamour, fashion, the idea that winning an editor position at a magazine can be done by dressing mannequins and fetching breakfast for a woman who wishes she was Anna Wintour.

Despite the obvious exaggerated truths and characters, it packs more punch than the current season of ANTM where the girls are all so nice to each other, it makes for very bland television. They all do the washing up, say please and thank you and support each other, so Stylista gives us that little pop of bitchiness that a girl needs.

With wonderful lines like "She's so annoying, I just want to drop kick her in the face" you're compelled to keep watching. It is an awful idea, and you don't really care what happens to the contestants but I think thats the main draw. We're laughing at them not with them.

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