"Not even in Texas could you find a shirt like this!" exclaimed an American girl (I'm assuming Texan?) in the changing room cubicle next to me in Topshop. This made me smile for a few reasons, not only because of the way that Americans say things and make them sound inane, but because Topshop is obviously reaching new heights of world domination.

It seems that they can sell the proverbial ice to the Eskimos... or in this case, checked shirts to the cowboys. The fact that Topshop is now the go-to place for all your worldly purchases, from stetsons to vintage makes me worry that one day the high street will no longer exist. It will be a row of identical Topshops as far as the eye can see, catering for your every whim. Gone will be the boutiques and the joy of finding something one-of-a-kind, instead we shall endeavour to look just like everyone else in our own unique way.

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