The baggy clothes conundrum

Baggy clothes on skinny girls make them look thinner, baggy clothes on big girls makes them look huge. Think Trinny and Susanah and Gok going on about defining waists and displaying bangers. What about us middle of the road girls? The ones that would be told by Tyra that we aren't small enough to be models and aren't big enough for plus size.

I have a fear of showing off my less than perfect body, and as the weight has slowly crept up on me, my clothes have got that little bit more diaphanous. I suppose the rule should be, if you are doing it to hide something then you shouldn't be doing it at all, but I see an oversized shirt and I can't help but want it.

This isn't the only reason though. I love casual wear, given the choice I'd buy a pair of flats over heels any day but I am beginning to worry that when the time comes (whatever that time might be) I shall be completely inept at dressing to show off, having become so used to dressing to conceal.

Lucky for me then that baggy is the dish of the day this season. Hareem pants, oversized men's shirts, boyfriend jeans. Not only will this see me through spring and summer, grunge is going to be huge in autumn, which means teaming it all with dirty hair and chains (if you like Charles Anastase).

To tackle this trend it is important to keep it feminine. If you aren't a rake, make sure that you exaggerate the girly under all those layers. Wear leggings to show off your legs, wear a belt, a waistcoat, killer heels, a pink scarf - anything that will stop you looking like you're halfway through a weight-loss programme and you're still wearing your old clothes. Its not a crime to want to conceal the bits you hate, goodness knows what I would do without empire lines, but remember to accentuate the bits that you like. Accessorise with perfect nails, lipstick maybe even a hat and it will be obvious that baggy is a statement not a last resort.

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