Taste the rainbow...

Yesterday I went to London Fashion Weekend, and as is usual with this event that I attend twice a year without knowing why, I came away empty handed and disappointed. There was one exception however in the form of Peter Jensen's beautiful rainbow jumper. It was a great price, as I discovered later - a quick Google search showing me that you can't get it anywhere apart from on one website for £159 - a full £106 more than yesterday's asking price.

I have conceded my loss here, and as it was pointed out to me, I actually don't have the money to spend on clothes at the moment. But this got me thinking about rainbow patterns. Any internet search will come up with the usual associations that we all have with rainbows: hippy, hempy jumpers with dreadlocked ladies as models. This summer we are told, will be all about colour, clashing, combining, trying new shades by looking at Panetone pallettes... what about wearing them all at once?

It is my belief that Rainbows can be worn stylishly, but I don't think I have the fashion kudos to pull it off without looking like the love child of a Carebear and a 1970s gay rights activist. Had I bought that jumper, I might have been on the right track though. It takes a confident person to wear bright colours, and rainbows require that much more, but they are perfect for making you stand out from the crowd.

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