On being Ugly Betty...

Its very easy to feel like the odd one out in the crazy world of fashion press days. Where once I was working in the thick of things, I am now trying to make a name for myself (very slowly). So rather than being a nobody from Somewhere, I can now be me, but that is one crazy scary concept.

I'm not thin enough, not arrogant enough or haggard enough to look like i've been chewing on the fashion stick for years now. I don't even really get fashion, for me its about personal style, some days I have it, some days I don't.

Press days are now my chance to, a) See all the cool and wonderful stuff available for AW09 and b) to see the fashion wheels working close up. Sometimes the PRs talk to me, sometimes they don't but I don't really care as long as the freebies and goody bags are good. The novelty of it all still makes me smile. For the first time I am at least trying to forge ahead, even though (temporarily hopefully) i've lost my ability to come up with original thought.

I'm thinking however, in order to try and feel the part that this Ugly Betty needs a makeover... suggestions on a postcard.

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