The boy does rainy day dressing

God bless The Boy and his amazing ability to pick out all things cute and quirky. Usually this is for me, however on Saturday he managed to find a little number for himself. After looking through the gorgeous offerings for 'grown ups' at Reiss (which he also loved) he found something ten times cooler and much more youthful (and seasonal).

Here he is modelling the wonderfully visual 'brollies' jumper by The Youth Firm. One of the many new boutique designers now taking up residence on the newly created Topman second floor (5th floor if you count the rest of the Oxford Circus store).

He was torn between this, and the equally adorable frogs jumper (below - taken from Topman website).
It isn't to everybody's taste by all means and I'm not sure that many Topman junkies will be forking out £45 for a simple knitted sweater instead of the usual ball-squeezing skinnies and rosary beads... it takes a man with real cojones to pull this off and this boy certianly isn't lacking in those.

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My New Favourite Thing said...

I love it! Wish I could get my boy to wear something as quirky. He's utterly content wearing free drug company T-shirts (his Dad's a Doctor) and jeans that don't fit. Boo.

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