Life's a beach

I don't want to be one of those boring people who go on and on about how amazing and culturally enriching their holidays are, luckily then that my recent trip was to the wonderful Brits abroad city of Alicante. This really is a completely separate point however.

The one simple piece of learning that I wanted to pass on is this:

Despite the exercising and dieting and fretting, the frantic bikini shopping, last minute daily tanning and excessive consumption of green tea... the moment you get on the sand wearing the same old bikini you always do, none of it matters anymore. So my belly is a belly not a washboard, my boobs aren't mountains and my hips are bigger than they should be... so what? I'm in the sun and along with the truly intoxicating smell of my factor 30 I'm happy.

This is what it comes down to at the end of the day. You will always be bigger than some and smaller than others.

Instead of thinking about the wobbling tummy instead I turned my attention to crazy tanned Germans in thongs (a man!) and people taking a dip actually wearing their underwear (seriously see-through) and countless other weird and wonderful things.... and not once did I regret having eaten that fish finger sandwich before I left.

Now that I'm home however, all the old insecurities are back, they are an inevitable part of who I am but at least now I can see that half the battle is in my head... the other half? Most probably needs to get back on the cross trainer.

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