Topshop gives good face

OMG's all round... So I'm a week late off the mark but I thought I'd inform everyone just how much I LOVE Topshop's new makeup range. Last Thursday lunchtime about eight fellow fashionistas and I ventured to our closest branch of the holy fashion store to sample the sacred goods. We weren't disappointed. Featuring a range of glitter-filled, rainbow-bright, deliciously gooey concoctions and a nail varnish collection that makes Barry M look gaudy and brash (sorry Barry!) I had to set myself a budget.

So after working my way through the green glitter eye crayon and trying nearly every shade of the mint flavoured lip glosses, including orange which in conjunction with the green eyeliner = not so good, I finally decided on my £15 worth of purchases. A black glitter eye crayon, coral nail varnish and 'Hollywood' pink lipgloss later, and £1 over budget its all I'm going to be able to do not to go back again in a few days for my next hit.

Prices start at a teeny weeny £4 and I have it on good authority that they are being made by the wonderful fairies at the MAC factory (oh yes!) these are well worth the money.

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Platform Princess said...

Your nails look great, love the colours.

Cute blog.


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