Is it Aladdin? Is it Captain Jack? No, it's my harem pants...

I finally caved to the fashion deities and bought a pair of harem pants a few weeks ago, and as Saturday proved warm enough to show leg flesh, I thought I'd take them for a spin...

Much to the amusement of my family.

I teamed them with a striped cropped T-shirt and white plimsolls to which my mother artfully observed 'I see you've gone for a Parisian pirate look...' Not completely encouraging.

This however was nothing compared to the belly shaking guffaws coming from my sister's boyfriend. Hugely amusing comments along the lines of 'Would you like a sword with that?', 'Where's Abu?' and 'You're not going to tuck them into boots are you?' (Mum) made my house descend into a veritable asylum-worthy laughing fit.

Not to be confused for somebody who takes fashion too seriously, and can't laugh at themselves... I promptly walked out.(On a side note, whilst searching for relevant Aladdin images I've learned that there are some sick people out there who clearly have very strange compulsions to give cartoons body parts they really shouldn't have...)

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So Stylistic said...

Ha! 'Would you like a sword with that?', now that's funny!

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