Uniqlo shopping event

Upon being informed that thanks to replying to a marketing email from Uniqlo I had 'won' a ticket to their shopping event, I thought I'd drag a friend along for a peruse..

Excited about the free offerings from Yo! Sushi, Paul & Joe makeovers and Vitamin water, and ever so slightly miffed at the fact that they weren't offering any sort of discount, my friend and I joined the mad crowds gathering by the candy coloured jeans (vaguely remeniscant of fruit Mentos btw) . After consuming a tiny (chicken) sushi thing, and collecting my water, my disappointment was almost tangible, until that is we stumbled upon the Paul & Joe Beaute UT T-shirt collection.

Floral, retro and super feminine, I picked a Parisian-esque cat and stripes tee for £12.99, my friend the floral number above, which in turn enabled us to pick up our goody bags (yay!).

How I miss the days that goody bags were de rigeur!

Inside this one:
  • Jelly Belly jelly beans (yum!)
  • Malteasers
  • A romantic chick-lit novel
  • Aveeno body cream sample
  • Red 'Victoria & Albert' Nails Inc. nail varnish
  • Special K cereal bites (eaten before I could take a photo!)
  • Various vouchers for makeovers I will never claim and discounts I'll never use
The sheer amount of food involved (very un fashion darling) makes me wonder what kind of audience this event was aimed at... the fact I have since consumed all three (sorry diet) means it was probably perfect for me.

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