Perfect piece of peace

When I was browsing Covent Garden market a few weeks ago, I came across a market stall that had one of those piles of jewellery you can just dig through until you find something worthwhile, and then you pay £3 for your efforts.

Unusually, I found a little gem in the shape of a tiny gold chain with a peace sign pendant. My inner hippy was awakened and I was about to buy it, but alas I had no cash on me and by the time I came back the stall was closed.

Thanks to the internet however I have managed to find a replacement for my affections from Dogeared - albeit for 10 times the price.

I have to admit that I have always been in love with Dogeared and their gorgeous and delicate designs. I'm not a believer in all the spiritual nonsense that comes with them, but as they have awakened the shopping devil within, I plan to follow the path to Karma, realisation and fashion nirvana.


Anonymous said...

Or is that fashion nilhism?!

Freelance Fashionista said...


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