A rush of cash from the purse

This Saturday I was in the mood to do some shopping, no real surprise there, but seeing as I've recently been given the very excellent news that I am soon to begin a new permanent job, I thought that I could treat myself. My constant blogging of all the things that I would love to have, but cannot afford to buy, means that when it actually comes down to it I have absolutely no idea what to get for myself.

I'm an impulse shopper by nature, and have gotten used to buying "little things" for £5 and £10 at a time which don't make me feel like I'm spending oodles of cash, but in fact the opposite is true when it comes to looking at my statement. I'm so used to passing by the shelves and rails which hold things for more than £25 (my absolute cut off for some reason) that I'd forgotten the addictive rush of elation when one spends £65 on a pair of shoes. Mere peanuts compared to some, but for me a big step back into the world of thoughtless spending.

I know this isn't a good thing, and lord knows I have sometimes felt that my spending was completely out of control in the past, but I'm hoping that my year of servitude has enabled me to sort through all the things I impulsively want and walk away before buying them.

I shall be all about those "investment pieces". Unless of course I'm in the mood for a little colour... Can't wait to see what the all highstreet equivalents of Marc Jacobs AW09 are going to look like (I'm not going to be earning that much!)
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