Um, no.

I was reading a piece in NYMag.com which picks out the key trends that we shall all be wearing over the next four months. Their list is slightly predictable, with its studs, bangles, sequins and here's the shocker - plaid (checked shirts for those of us who aren't fluent in American fashion lingo). Since when haven't we worn these things?

But what really gave me a start is that top of their list of trends for the summer are Lennon-style sunglasses.

No, no, no...

Yes, Mary-Kate just about pulls the look off with her tiny little face, but I think she has definitely made better fashion choices. We have a joke pair at home, and after trying them on I still don't see how this will be the next big eyewear trend. But since when does everyone have to get fashion? We are simply obliged to acknowledge it, and either copy or move on.


(Above Urban Outfitters £4.99 - Below All Saints £40)

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Miss Write said...

I agree - NO ONE looks good in these. This is the sort of fashion I am opposed to, the trend for the sake of a trend.

Having done the Wayfarers thing to death Hollywood are trying to get this unflattering look on the streets, but only a real fashion victim would fall for it.

Mary Kate's frog-face annoys me. I think it would be less cartoonish if she took a chance and ingested some calories. xx

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