Utter peacocks

We have Lady GaGa to thank for many things, creating catchy tunes that will always get you on the dancefloor, making it ok to be blonde and completely vacuous and for pulling off a style that will forever be synonymous with her. While I applaud her for all these things (to a varying degree) it really pains me when the highstreet attempt to create affordable versions of what are essentialy costumes designed for a girl with a killer body.

Peacocks, a favourite of magazines like More! or New! - and any other magazine that feels the need to punctuate their titles quite so annoyingly - has brought out these high-wasted pants for only £4. A testament to Ms GaGa's popularity, size 10-12 is already sold out, and i'm sure that (worryingly) size 18-20 will too.

Unfortunately in Bromley, like all similar suburban towns where the girls tend to take the trends a bit too literally at times - just look at 'local girl' idols like Danielle Lloyd - I'm pretty sure we shall be seeing our fair share untoned bum and thigh sticking out from glittery knickers. Shudder.


Sartoriology said...

One would hope the general public would look to Spanx before attempting such a trend?!

Freelance Fashionista said...

Unfortunately most just like to let it all hang out...

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