A foray into vintage...

I know all the cool kids and true fashionistas wear vintage, in terms of style it's a sign of an ability to look backwards in order to move forwards (or some other such nonsense). Vintage clothes are a complete mystery to me, they smell funny, they're all polyester and leave a film of dust on your hands after touching them.

Whilst frequenting an all-you-can-cram-in-a-bag-for-a-tenner vintage sale at the East End Thrift Store, I was sorely disappointed with the piles of dusty, smelly clothes on offer. A room piled high with junk not even the store could sell, the smell of B.O was overpowering. Leaving the sale empty handed, I was pleased to discover a very nice store downstairs.

Other girls I spied had found what can only be classed as treasures, things that looked amazing without needing any alterations at all. Polka-dot dresses, denim shorts, mini jumpsuits and not one of them was itching from the secondhandness. I was inspired to dig around, something I often can't be bothered to do, and I found the little gem above. With only two strange looking stains and boasting the usual 100% polyester on the label it felt like wallpaper, but looked very cute. At only £15 I almost regret not buying it. Perhaps you get used to the itchy sweatiness after a while...

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