An amusing conversation...

I was out at lunch today and I overheard this rather amusing snippet of a conversation between a couple:

Girl: Oh I want to go in there, there are so many things and they are on sale.

Boy: You can't, you said you wouldn't buy anything and you haven't got any money...

(Men are always so bloody sensible)

Girl: I know.

Boy: (Smells the air) Mmm... food

Girl: Oh look H&M.

Boy: We need to get food...

Girl: H&M is food!

(Obviously this isn't transcribed word for word, but I left what I think are the important bits in... obviously.)


Miss Write said...


Loving the reasoning there.

Men can be very miserable about shopping, but the moral is NEVER go shopping with men. Why would you? Your destinations will be totally incompatible.

Insanely cute illustration as well! x

Freelance Fashionista said...

I think that she made a very good point there, I think that I would forgo lunch for H&M...

The boy always brings up the sensible point that I have no money, and yet when we go shopping will point out amazing things for me to buy... like giving an alcoholic the keys to a bar...


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