For the love of Choos

An exciting piece of fashion news has landed on my desk this morning... This Autumn Jimmy Choo will be collaborating with H&M to bring high-end designer shoes to the highstreet loving public. (Whoops of joy).

This Swedish brand continues to go from strength to strength with their hugely popular collaborations which have seen bargain seeking fashionistas queuing outside from the early hours for a chance to shove their way to owning the coveted pieces. I'm sure that this November will be no different.

Promising shoes, bags and accessories, the chances of getting your hands on any outside of London will be slim, but if you do you can proudly jump through puddles in the driving rain - it is London after all - knowing that you've got three more where they came from for what will certainly be a snip of the usual price.

This collaboration might even get me queuing with my thermos and (super chic) sleeping bag....

As for their next collaboration?... Come on H&M repeat after me... Louboutin.... Louboutin...

(A girl can dream)

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