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So Luella is now online. I received the email this afternoon and immediately rushed to have a look. It is a veritable feast of Ms Bartley's offerings, with helpful categories like "Psychedelic Wonderland" and "Wonky Factor" which display the beautiful oddities of her collection.

The Brook Street store in a nutshell, a huge amount of her SS09 looks are available to buy, the only exception being the shoes.There's no sale rail option yet, and as expected it is all very expensive, but I'm sure it will draw many an admirer to fork over £400 for a skirt.

One thing I've noticed, as her popularity grows, the clothes are becoming more and more unwearable. She is playing away from classic pieces, a route which many designers are taking at the moment, and dancing right into the hands (and wardrobes) of many a celebutante-come-cool-London-scene-kid. And if her Autumn looks are anything to go by, its going to carry on like this for the forseeable future (Thigh-high golden boots anyone?). But there is no denying that her creations are breathtakingly beautiful, if only to be marveled at and coveted from the pages of a magazine.

Log on, admire and by all means buy the extremely beautiful "Polly" dress (above), but don't expect to find something that lasts more than a season - fashion is fleeting daaarhling, and none so fleeting as Luella.

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