Not sure why...

I know that everyone has already been there, done that and gotten the proverbial t-shirt when it comes to these Melissa shoes, but my interest has been piqued today for no reason whatsoever. Whilst looking through all the fab things that will be going into various summer sales in a few weeks, I have disappointingly found out that these shall not be included in any reductions anywhere. Most probably because at £75 they're not too badly priced (for Westwood) in the first place.

If I actually get to go anywhere on holiday i'll probably buy them and proudly hot-step in the most expensive jelly sandals for miles around.


Maja said...

wow, ive almost forgotten these. they make me wanna stroll down parisienne streets all day long :)

Cat Hufton said...

Love the Melissa shoes...They are very Minnie Mouse and who doesn't like Minnie? x

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