The highstreet does layers

Behold the not-too-unimpressive selection that the highstreet has created in answer to the delicious draping and layering trend that will be taking the female population by storm this autumn. With under two weeks left of August, I'm rubbing my hands in anticipation of the first proper wave of this season's collections hitting the stores.

This is by no means a complete portrayal, Topshop is notably absent (they're much harder to get images from) but I definitely think that there is enough here to get at least a little bit excited about, especially seeing as a complete Missoni layered look is sadly out of my reach... what would I give for those wrinkled leggings?

I'm also on the search for the perfect snood - you might remember my April entry where I talked of my love of them - they're back with a vengeance and they're all knitted and cosy and drapey... sigh...
(From top: River Island, Warehouse, Warehouse, Hobbs, Miss Selfridge courtesy of

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Sartoriology said...

i love summer so much but every year i wait with baited breath for winter so i can layer up and wear yet more black....cannot WAIT for autumn, Missoni's layering is the way forward

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