The sorry tale of the mismatched shoes

Readers of this blog will know that i'm not really a girl who likes her vintage clothing. This doesn't mean that the boy gets off lightly however, I do still drag him into every vintage shop that I come across in the hopes of finding something amazing.

This saturday he got the day off and so I dragged a very patient friend round Alfie's antiques market, a labyrinth of bygone goodies that just gets better everytime I go. After looking around for almost an hour for a birthday present for my wonderful mother, I found a surprisingly nice present for me.

Behold my more-than-lovely Clements Ribeiro (oh yes) shoes that I got for a satisfying £20. So rarely do I see shoes I love in my size, that these took me completely by surprise and after only a little humming and harring I haggled them down from £25 (I'm new to this). I suspect that the sales girl only agreed to my very persuasive markdown suggestion due to the fact that my wonderful shoes are actually different colours.

It looks as though they left one of them in the sun too long, so now my new challenge is to try and find a way for them to match once more, most probably easier said than done, seeing as the most helpful suggestion so far has been to leave the other one in the sun for a few weeks... (thanks mum).

So many challenges so little time!
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